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BlueDog Mobile is moving...

Yep, for real. No, not me. Not yet anyway. But the blog is moving. . For more, see The New Bluedog Mobile. The new site is no where near final, but you can get a glimpse of what's coming soon.

UPDATE: I will no longer be posting to LiveJournal. It's redundant and time-consuming. You will note in my link list a link back to this site for any archived and old postings. At some point, my intent is to move everything to the new site, but it will take time. In the next few days, the url bluedogmobile.net will also transfer to the new site for those of you that may have listed it as one of your favorites in your web browser.

Anita Baker coming to Bayfest

it was announced today that Anita Baker will make an appearance at Mobile's Bayfest 2009 taking the stage on Friday, October 2. For more information and the latest lineup, see Mobile Bayfest 2009.

The Great Nationwide Kiss-In, an event created in response to a spate of anti-gay incidents that arose out of gay men being publicly affectionate, takes place this Saturday, August 15th. Activists across the country have signed-on to take part, check out this Facebook action page for times and locations in your town.

Is there one scheduled for Mobile? I have no idea, but rather doubt it.

HRC looks at race, gender, and sexuality

The Human Rights Campaign has stepped into the hornet’s nest of  identity with a new report called “At the Intersection: Race, Sexuality and Gender.” The organization is even having an online conversation about the report today.

The study’s findings are not that earth shattering, especially if you have been paying attention to the “community” chatter since the defeat of Proposition 8. Gays and lesbians  of color experience their lives primarily through the lens of race and gender. LGBT people of color are simultaneously accepted and rejected by their communities. Brown and black gays and lesbians see no difference in racism and sexism exhibited by gays or straights.

The report isn’t all downer. It suggests bridges can be built on work against hate crimes and job discrimination. How the HRC study will be received is any one’s guess. For more, see Withers: HRC looks at race, gender, and sexuality‎ .
Mayor still deciding on gay rights veto
Anchorage Daily News
By DON HUNTER Mayor Dan Sullivan said Wednesday he is studying
the anti-discrimination ordinance passed by the Anchorage Assembly
and will announce later ...
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Gay-Marriage Bid Is Delayed
Wall Street Journal
By GEOFFREY A. FOWLER SAN FRANCISCO -- California's leading gay-
rights group said Wednesday it would wait until 2012 to put a measure on
the state ballot to ...
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Focus on the Family selling its money-losing gay workshops
Denver Post
The Colorado Springs-based ministry made the announcement in The
Washington Blade, the country's oldest gay and lesbian newspaper. ...
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Radcliffe supports gay group with 'generous' donation
The 20-year-old actor has expressed his support to the cause of gay rights
by handing over funds to the organisation, which helps gay youngsters
struggling ...
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Anti-gay rights referendum signature error rate up a bit
Seattle Post Intelligencer
State election crews have now checked more than 48000 Referendum 71
signatures, adding more than 15000 in the latest count. R-71 is the measure
seeking to ...
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Crippled ordinance banning gay discrimination approved by ...
The protests were fierce, and churchgoers were bused in from other
cities to inflate the anti-gay movement's numbers. As a result, the bill
underwent some ...
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Gay-marriage advocates target 2012
San Jose Mercury News
By John Woolfolk Wednesday's word that a major gay-marriage advocacy
group was getting cold feet about going to the ballot next year came as a relief to ...
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Anna Nicole Smith friend can sue, not for gay claim
By Christine Kearney NEW YORK, Aug 12 (Reuters) - A companion of late Playboy
model Anna Nicole Smith can sue an author for defamation but not over gay sex ...
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New York Times
After Decriminalization, a Gay Pride March in Mumbai
New York Times
By Lindsay Clinton Adnan Abidi/Reuters Gay rights activists celebrated
during a rally in New Delhi in July after the city's highest court decriminalized ...
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California gay marriage groups divide on 2010 fight
By Peter Henderson SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - The biggest California
gay rights advocacy group on Wednesday said it needed three years to
build a coalition ...
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Yes, I have been a slacker once again...

I haven't been posting much this week for a few reasons. Number 1, there's not much gay news happening in Mobile right now. Even the national gay news is slow. Secondly, I was visiting my parents in South Carolina for a few  days with a slow DSL internet connection. And last, but not least, I have been working on a blog for Dauphin Realty. The new, revised blog, RealtorUtopia now links off the Dauphin Realty website homepage. It is a work in progress; a project that will never really be complete with constant updates, new links, and more resources. Check it out.

The Number: 54% - Gay marriage
Deseret News
At the national level, Americans continue to oppose gay marriage. An April
Pew Research survey found a 54% majority opposing same-sex marriage, ...
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An irrational commentary on gay marriage
Baltimore Sun
Is George Deller the result of an incestuous marriage? To me that's the only
thing that could explain his defective and irrational commentary. ...
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Gay bishops may further divide Episcopal Church
San Francisco Chronicle
Roughly six years after the consecration of a gay bishop triggered divisions
in the Episcopal Church, clergy and lay leaders have recently voted to accept ...
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More details released in raid on Texas gay bar
"Mistakes were made, and the relationship between our
agency and the gay and lesbian community, and our agency
and the community as a whole, ...
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Hearing for effort to keep anti-gay rights donors secret
Seattle Post Intelligencer
27 as to why donors to the effort to repeal Washington state's gay partnership law
should remain secret. Protect Marriage Washington last week asked the PDC ...
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Maine Anti-Gay Activist Blames Bad Weather, Potato
Blight on Gay ...

And he is now blaming gay marriage for Maine's rainy weather and potato blight.
Heath has certainly said some deranged and bigoted things in the past ...
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Why stop at gay marriage?
Baltimore Sun
"We're just like you," begins the article on the Sun's editorial page of August 7th.
We then learn that the authors, a loving same-sex couple, are active in ...
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Lutherans prepare to debate gay clergy
USA Today
AP 2001 file photo By Tiffany Stanley, Religion News Service The nation's largest
Lutheran denomination will consider lifting its ban on gay and lesbian ...
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The end to a cruel hoax
He suffered such self-hate and despair over being gay in a rural Kansas culture that
despised his sexual orientation that he may have actually asked someone ...
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Next anti-gay rights referendum signature report Tuesday
Seattle Post Intelligencer
The secretary of state's office says the next report on signature checks for Referendum 71
won't be until Tuesday afternoon. R-71 is the measure seeking to ...
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On Top Magazine
Soldier Confesses To Threatening Tel Aviv Gay Rally
On Top Magazine
By On Top Magazine Staff The soldier accused of making violent threats
against a gay rally held in Tel Aviv Saturday and who was arrested in Jerusalem ...
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Fired gay news anchor, Charles Perez, fires back
The survey indicates that not only do a majority of gay and lesbian...21 Republican Sen. Mel
Martinez of Florida will resign from the Senate this fall, ...
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The American Bar Association says it's time to make sure same-sex couples are eligible for the same federal benefits as couples in heterosexual marriages.

Meeting in Chicago on Monday, the ABA House of Delegates approved on a voice vote a resolution urging repeal of a portion of the federal Defense of Marriage Act that defines marriage as a legal union between one man and one woman.

Proponents say that if Congress eliminated that language it would clear the way for same-sex spouses to get equal treatment in terms of Social Security and other federal benefits. For more, see the story From CBS2Chicago.com.


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